Kedi (2016)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 19m
“I might be new here, but I’m a cat of strength”

This could well be the most charming documentary of all time. It IS about cats, after all. Kedi (Turkish for ‘feline’) explores the winding paths of contemporary Istanbul, all of which it turns out, have been inhabited by streetwise alleycats for centuries. They’ve been digging their claws in for so long, that they’ve become an integral component of the city – loved by the (human) locals who live alongside, and put to use by local businesses. Director Clyde Torun has aptly called the film a “love letter to those cats and the city.”

The Citizen Kane of cat documentaries. At once hypnotic and charming” — Indiewire


Ceyda Torun



Hardcoded Subtitles



Turkey, United States