David Lynch: The Art Life (2016)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 27m
“All I wanted to do was paint”

David Lynch: The Art Life looks at visionary director David Lynch’s art, music and early films, uncovering the dark corners of his unique world and painting a clearer picture of the man and the artist. As he says, “I think every time you do something, like a painting or whatever, you go with ideas, and sometimes the past can conjure those ideas and colour them. Even if they’re new ideas, the past colours them.” We’re invited in and given unparalleled access to Lynch’s compound and painting studio in the Hollywood hills, as he tells personal stories from his apparently blissful childhood, all the way to his art school days in Philadelphia and the beginnings of his illustrious film career, all delivered in his trademark Lynchian manner.

“Insightful and absorbing” — Time Out


Jon Nguyen


Rick Barnes




United States, Denmark