The Trip to Italy (2013)

  • Comedy
  • 1h 49m
“It’s OK, he’s just doing an impersonation”

The Trip to Italy sees Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon once again star as themselves in the sequel to The Trip, a BBC comedy series directed by Michael Winterbottom, condensed down in to a feature-length film. The old friends have been asked to write a follow-up column for The Observer – a series of reviews of decadent meals and stays in boutique villas around Italy which Brydon plans to weave into a loose narrative of retreading Byron and Shelley’s footsteps. Coogan and Brydon have a history of their on-screen comic sparring – ultimately a real-life friendship with some gentle ribbing and a lot of impressions. There are some great examples of it here, interspersed with stomach rumble-inducing meal scenes.

“You come for the conversation, and in that, The Trip to Italy rarely disappoints.” — Los Angeles Times




United Kingdom

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