The Translators (2020)

  • Thriller, Mystery
  • 1h 45m
“I know it was you”

Nine translators are confined to a literary lockdown by a profit-mad publisher (Lambert Wilson) in this pulpy whodunit. Tasked with translating the latest work from mysterious best-selling author Oscar Brach in preparation for a synchronised worldwide launch, an intense web of suspicion erupts when the first 10 pages are leaked online. It may sound like the stuff of fiction, but _The Translators_’ premise has an astounding real-life basis in the underground confinement imposed on the translators of “Inferno”, Dan Brown’s follow-up to “The Da Vinci Code”. Director Régis Roinsard treats the whodunit genre with a respect and enthusiasm that’s hard to resist, and its committed international cast manage to ground the material in humanity. Calling to mind the character-based delights of The Rules of the Game as much as the elaborate plot mechanics of an Agatha Christie novel, The Translators is the enjoyable cinematic counterpart to a page-turner, ravenously devoured.

★★★★★ “Clever and very enjoyable – it’s delicious this film” — Margaret Pomeranz, Foxtel Screen


Régis Roinsard


English, Greek, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese

Hardcoded Subtitles



Belgium, France