The Leadership (2020)

  • Documentary, Adventure, Biography
  • 1h 37m
“Anyone else got something you want to share?”

A highly acclaimed new Australian documentary from the producers of Sweet Country, The Leadership is the fascinating and unpredictable account of the 2016 maiden voyage of Homeward Bound. An intensive leadership initiative for women in STEMM fields, it brought together 76 scientists on a maritime journey to Antarctica, with larger-than-life ‘leadership expert’ Fabian Dattner as their guide. Designed to transform the participants into “the sort of leaders they want to be”, Dattner’s confrontational, corporate-focused coaching style immediately faces criticism from the highly intelligent group, who have their own concepts of what a leader should be. Director Ili Baré and her small crew capture this unique environment with great sensitivity and agility, adapting to the fast-moving situation on board as tensions boil over. Beautifully shot against the stunning Antarctic backdrop, this is a highly absorbing reflection on the meaning of good leadership.

★★★★ “An absolutely fascinating expedition into the world of women in science” — Margaret Pomeranz, Foxtel Screen


Ili Bare