The Duke of Burgundy (2014)

  • Drama
  • 1h 40m
“You’re late”

Evelyn, a student of lepidopterology, arrives at her lecturer Cynthia’s baroque mansion to do some cleaning. She’s late, as always, and Cynthia is unimpressed. When Evelyn fails to complete all her chores to Cynthia’s high standards, Cynthia decides that Evelyn must be punished. It’s the same every day for the lovers, who act out this dominant/submissive routine together. Evelyn adores it, but Cynthia only really goes through with it to make Evelyn happy. How long can the two women keep playing this game before the excitement fades? The Duke of Burgundy peels back the curtains on a lesbian S&M relationship and dissects the mechanics of dominance and submission. Director Peter Strickland’s (In Fabric) tale of power and compromise is a visually decadent and darkly humourous examination of the lengths we go to for love.

“Creates a spell that had us hypnotised.” — Margaret Pomeranz, At the Movies


Peter Strickland



Hardcoded Subtitles



United Kingdom