The Booksellers (2020)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 35m
“You know what they used to call independent bookstores? Bookstores”

Blowing the dust off the covers of New York City’s most venerated booksellers, rare book dealers and collectors, The Booksellers is a love letter to the world of bibliophilia. From jewel-encrusted tomes, rare first editions to one-of-a-kind occult works, D.W. Young’s documentary tumbles down the rabbit hole of the book trade. We hear from generations of booksellers holding onto their businesses in the face of skyrocketing rents and online bookselling behemoths, who contemplate the future of the book as well as celebrate its history. With additional musings from quintessential New Yorker Fran Lebowitz and authors such as Susan Orlean and Kevin Young, this is pure catnip for any book lover.

★★★★ “Unputdownable” — Empire


D.W. Young