The Biggest Little Farm (2018)

  • Documentary, Kids and Family
  • 1h 31m
“This all started with a promise…”

Return to the simple life with this utterly joyous documentary. When filmmaking farmer John Chester and wife Molly left their tiny Los Angeles apartment to build a living space in complete coexistence with nature, they didn’t expect the result to become a cherished labour of love. The Biggest Little Farm chronicles their near decade-long attempt to create their utopia, planting 10,000 orchard trees, crops, and bringing in animals of every kind. But as their biodiverse paradise expands, can they possibly survive all the twists and turns of living off the land? Winner of multiple Audience Awards, this film is a testament to the stubborn glory of nature and the importance of idealism.

“It may revive your wonder at the weird but ultimately awe-inspiring ways in which humans can help nature do its work” — The New York Times


John Chester




United States