Movie Night by Golden Age Cinema & Bar | Tampopo

Tampopo (1985)

  • Comedy
  • 1h 55m
“Whatcha eating?”

Jûzô Itami’s rapturous 1985 “ramen western” holds up as one of the most treasured and certainly most mouthwatering food movies in the history of cinema. Tampopo is a Tokyo widow who is struggling to keep her late husband’s ramen shop afloat – that is until a group of mysterious cowboy-like ramen ronin stroll into town, and aid her on her quest for the perfect bowl. Serving up a sexy, surreal culinary adventure, Tampopo is full of oddball humour and the sensual delights of food, and remains an entertaining, genre-bending ode to life’s simple pleasures.

“A self-assured gem constructed like the bowl of classic ramen.” — The Guardian


Jûzô Itami