My Salinger Year (2021)

  • Drama
  • 1h 41m
“Writers make the worst assistants”

Set within the wood-panelled walls of J.D Salinger’s literary agency, My Salinger Year is a highly enjoyable Devil Wears Prada for the publishing world. It’s the mid ‘90s, and aspiring young poet Joanna (Margaret Qualley) arrives in New York with big dreams, managing to get her foot in the door as an assistant to high-powered literary agent Margaret (Sigourney Weaver, in full Miranda Priestly mode). Assigned the disheartening task of replying to Salinger’s countless bags of fan mail with impersonal stock responses, the day-to-day monotony of office life threatens to derail Joanna’s own creative ambitions. Precisely observed and laced with wry humour, My Salinger Year is further elevated by its winning lead performances.

★★★★ “Rather delightful. Weaver is brilliant, portraying her character with dry wit and evident relish” — David Stratton, The Australian




Canada, Ireland