I Used to Go Here (2020)

  • Comedy
  • 1h 28m
“I used to dance in this room like, fifteen years ago”

A charming comedy from talented mumblecore filmmaker Kris Rey (Unexpected), the SXSW-selected I Used to Go Here stars Gillian Jacobs (Community, Love) as a thirty-something writer stuck in a major rut. When her fiancé calls off their engagement, and her publisher cancels her book tour, Kate Conklin (Jacobs) is suddenly at a loss in life. A call from her favourite old professor David Kirkpatrick (Jemaine Clement) brings much-needed distraction when she’s asked to give a reading at her alma mater. Back on campus once again, she finds herself welcomed back into the fray of college life by the new generation of students, partying in her old dorm room, getting up to crazy antics, and desperately trying not to feel too old.

★★★★ “Exquisitely awkward… a beguiling comedy of manners” — The Guardian


Kris Rey