God’s Own Country (2017)

  • Drama, Romance
  • 1h 44m
“It’s beautiful here, but lonely, no?”

Francis Lee’s debut feature captures a tender romance that is palpably unyielding. Johnny Saxby (Josh O’Connor) is a young man in his mid-twenties tethered to the gruelling task of tending the family sheep estate when his father (Ian Hart) becomes ill. He shrugs off the brief sexual encounters he has with other men when he goes to town, drinking his repressed feelings until help comes along in the form of Gheorghe (Alex Secareanu) a Romanian farmhand, brought in to assist during lambing season. Johnny and Gheorghe form a tender connection that bottles up to explode.

“A potent, haunting meditation on the soul-stirring significance of being open to love” — Little White Lies


Francis Lee




United Kingdom