Feels Good Man (2020)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 32m
“It’s a happy little frog”

What if the easygoing cartoon frog from your underground zine was co-opted into an alt-right hate symbol? Feels Good Man is the Sundance award-winning, stranger-than-fiction tale behind Pepe the Frog and his creator, artist Matt Furie. A wild journey into the dark depths of the internet, this highly absorbing and timely documentary details the bizarre chain of events that lead to Pepe entering the memesphere, never to return. Following Furie’s fight to reclaim Pepe from the likes of 4Chan, InfoWars and Donald Trump, Feels Good Man probes into the unique challenges creators face in maintaining control over their images in the online era.

“A Dante-esque descent through the increasingly toxic internet of the mid-00s” — Vanity Fair


Matt Furie


Arthur Jones