Collective (2021)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 49m
“Everything underneath is rotten”

Nominated for both Best Documentary and Best International Feature Film at this year’s Oscars, Collective is a searing study of power, corruption and lies within the Romanian healthcare system. In 2015, a fire erupted at popular Bucharest nightclub Colectiv. 27 died, and 180 were injured. The tragedy was soon amplified further, when many of those injured began dying in hospital from easily preventable bacterial infections. Following a team of investigative journalists who worked tirelessly to uncover the large-scale, deep-rooted corruption at the rotten core of this story, Alexander Nanau’s Collective is a gob-smacking exposé that’s as thrilling as any procedural.

★★★★★ “Scalpel-sharp. A must-see” — Time Out


Alexander Nanau


English, Romanian

Hardcoded Subtitles





HBO Europe