Climax (2018)

  • Horror, Musical
  • 1h 31m
“This is a nightmare”

From French provocateur Gaspar Noé (Enter the Void) comes a thrilling exercise in human extremity, moral abandon and contemporary dance. It’s the mid-‘90s and a troupe of dancers are partying in a snow-bound boarding school to celebrate the end of rehearsals. They gyrate, pirouette, make out, and take swigs from a bowl of sangria. When they realise their booze has been spiked, the group descends into a hallucinatory haze of psychoses, entering the depths of Hell set to an electronic beat. Holding the unusual distinction of being Gaspar Noé’s most widely adored release, Climax features truly breathtaking choreography, from its awe-inspiring opening moments to its satanic, LSD-soaked denouement. And that’s not to mention the soundtrack.

“A churning, repellent, wildly sexy tanztheaterwerk of pure Boschian decadence and derangement” — The Telegraph


Gaspar Noé



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