BPM: Beats Per Minute (2017)

  • Drama
  • 2h 17m
“It’s as if I lived things more intensely. More colour, more noise, more life”

This 2017 Cannes Grand Prix winner from director and veteran activist Robin Campillo (Eastern Boys), follows a intimate group of Parisian ACT UP members in the early 1990s as they struggle to effect change in fighting the AIDS epidemic. As their public protests become increasingly combative, the group members navigate their internal politics, sexual health and romantic entanglement. Passing between the fraught personal lives of its protagonists and the impact of their political struggle, BPM is an immensely moving portrait of love and solidarity amid crisis. Campillo’s deft touch manages to distill the minutiae of political activism, pharmaceutical advancements and healthcare policy into a deeply-felt, intensely emotional cinematic experience.

“Passionate and defiant. Full of cinematic life” — The Guardian


Robin Campillo



Hardcoded Subtitles